Every goalie has certain strengths, weaknesses and preferences. The coaches at HGC treat every goalie as the unique individual that they are, to find solutions that suit their game the best.


For our ice sessions, we work with a maximum of two goalies per net and coach, in order to increase the personal interaction between the students and coaches. There is always enough time to ask questions and discuss potential issues, because it is important to us that every goalie actively think about the way they want to play the game. We want to give each and every participant as many tools as we can, so that they can then decide what will give them the edge over their competition.

We are convinced that high quality work targeting specific areas of the game is a lot more effective than a combination of drills with a high number of reps. That’s why we usually focus on one or two simple movements in a drill with fewer reps (6-8) and work with video analysis during every ice session. Correct execution is what we look for in every drill. The more a movement is repeated perfectly in practice, the easier it is for the goalie to call on that movement as a reflex during a game, which is essential with today’s fast pace of play.

We want to help goalies develop their game in all areas, because what separates a great goalie from a good one, are the details. Therefore, we teach balance and self-control not only on the ice, but also for the mental aspect of being a goalie.
Our goal is to educate our participants and enable them to use the techniques they learn at HGC in the future as well. We want you to start your season with confidence and a newfound drive!

We are looking forward to a great week!